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The Balance Procedure

How would you feel if you knew you could change the way you feel instantly, using a simple, powerful and effortless technique which enables you to relax, feel confident, successful and in the flow with your life?



‘The Balance Procedure(TBP)  is literally effortless. You don’t have to understand how or why this procedure works to experience it’s natural magic. Even if you are completely new to ‘ENERGY TECHNIQUES’ you will finish the course able and excited to use the BALANCE procedure on yourself, your friends, and your family.  It is enlivening and life-changing.- Jenny Cox: Author and Creator of TBP.


The first and one and only Distance Learning Online Level 1 Course in The Balance Procedure.


‘Learning this relaxation technique is a skill that will affect them for the rest of their lives.’ - Angela Moore: Pastoral Head at Highclare School, Birmingham, UK (following a workshop with students learning The Balance Procedure).

From: Narinder Moore: Teacher and Trainer in The Balance Procedure: An Energy/Relaxation technique.


Does any one of the following sound familiar to you?

  • You find it hard to switch off your busy mind and think clearly at times.
  • You know you could achieve more but allow your negative thoughts to get in the way.
  • You feel stuck in your life and keep repeating the same patterns emotionally.
  • You would like to learn how to relax but feel you don’t have the time to easily fit it in with your existing commitments.


My name is Narinder Moore and there was a time when I could relate to all of the above. I have been teaching in Secondary Schools for the past 14 years. While dealing with the challenges of working in a failing school in my very first teaching role, I felt close to breaking point and knew that something had to change. We all have our personal challenges and another one of mine was dealing with two members of my family who were very ill, one of them physically and the other one mentally. I felt overwhelmed with feeling responsible for everyone and dealing with an ever increasing teaching workload which meant working seven days a week from morning until I fell into bed exhausted very late at night.

My search for a way forward through my challenges eventually led me to train in the field of Holistic Therapies. In 2010 I trained in an energy/relaxation technique called The Balance Procedure (TBP) after feeling inspired by Author and Trainer Jenny Cox who had successfully shared TBP in schools, with individuals and with many other organisations. Prior to this I kept hearing and reading about the idea that we are responsible for everything that shows up in our life. This hadn’t quite clicked into place until I started working with The Balance Procedure. Since then I have watched my relationships transform, long term illness shift quicker than would normally be expected, new opportunities open up and expand my horizons. I no longer feel like a ‘victim’ of circumstances and feel empowered to change the way I see things and my reality as well as feeling passionate about sharing TBP with others through running my courses and workshops.


“A wonderful and transformative course. Looking forward to doing Level 2.”- Jane Schubert from Hastings UK


When you register for the Level 1 Online Balance Procedure course this is how you will benefit:


  • Know how to influence your emotions so that you can feel confident, successful, creative, imaginative, Intuitive, passionate about life, free to be yourself and empowered to transform what you choose to.
  • Learn a simple energy/relaxation technique which frees up your mind so that you can feel in the flow with your life.
  • Identify patterns or beliefs that may be holding you back and transform these without having to revisit past traumas
  • Learn how you can affect your body’s energy system so that you can experience wellbeing on a deep level.
  • Unlock your hidden potential.

What will the course include:


  • A set of TBP Enhancer cards which you will be able to use to balance with. The cards are a positive self communication tool and have many aspects on there to get you into balance including positive affirmations, colour, geometric shapes and much more. (Phone App version is also available separate from the online course via Itunes should you prefer this option).
  • TBP Symbols Book by Author and Creator of TBP, Jenny Cox. This explains the meaning of each card and the energy that each one resonates to. It is used to refer to whenever you want further clarity on the TBP cards. (Phone App version is available from itunes separate from the online course).
  • 5 bitesize modules which are quick and easy to complete at your own pace. The modules will cover the following:
    1. An introduction to The Balance Procedure: How it evolved and what it is. This also provides you with an understanding of your body’s energy system which is what TBP works on. There is a video interview with Jenny Cox giving you first hand insights from her on TBP.
    2. Understanding your thoughts and emotions so you can harness their power to guide you in the direction you want to go in your life.
    3. How to use The Balance Procedure which includes a video demonstration. You will learn how to read the signs that your body is giving you about what your mind is doing and how to transform this so that you are going in the direction you want to be going.
    4. Aspects of The Balance Procedure enhancer cards which are a powerful tool used in TBP along with the breath, positive intention and the balance check.
    5. Different ways you can use TBP in any area of your life. This includes gaining inspiration from how people from all walks of life have used TBP successfully on themselves and with others. There is also a video demonstration of how you can visualize and feel what you want using TBP.
  • You will also receive the support of an online group where you can ask questions and be part of a community supporting each other.


“The online TBP course was great and Narinder was extremely helpful throughout. I highly recommend it. I am now looking forward to level 2 online”- Muriel Alicia from Scotland

Why do an online course in TBP?

  • Everyone learns in their own unique way and an increasing number of people now spend a significant amount of time learning online.
  • Saves on travel time and expense.
  • Work at your own pace from the comfort of your home or office, anywhere in the world.
  • Convenient to fit it into your busy schedule.


“I loved doing Level 1 TBP  and I can’t wait to start using The Balance Procedure. Thank you so much for sharing this valuable skill.”– Patsy Solanki from Hastings UK


Who is the Online TBP course suitable for?

  • Anyone wanting to learn a simple self help relaxation/energy  technique they can use on themselves, family and friends.
  • Holistic Therapists, Wellbeing Practitioners and anyone in the field of Relaxation/Wellbeing who would like to have a valuable tool which supports their existing skills so that they can benefit their clients in a unique way and gain 5 CPD points for it.


“To learn TBP online allows you to complete at your own leisure whilst being able to interact with others. I find it a good way to keep fears and doubts at bay and since incorporating TBP with Aloe Vera I have found that my aching back has gone away”- Kay Downie from Wales


Once you register for the online TBP Level 1 course you will also receive the following as a bonus:


  • A FREE E-Book by Author and creator of The Balance Procedure, Jenny Cox which will give you in depth information about The Balance Procedure to supplement the online course.
  • Ongoing email support from me for one month which allows you to get continued feedback on any aspect of the course so that you benefit from individual attention and further clarity should you want that.
  • A relaxation audio which enables you to learn the power of guided visualisation and positive self talk to get you in the best place emotionally to achieve what you want.


“A fantastic course! I will be using The Balance Procedure daily in my life and I am considering doing Level 2 TBP.”– Barbara Emanuel, UK


So if you are ready to start taking responsibility for all aspects of your wellbeing  and for being in the best space possible to create the life you want rather than  experiencing what you don’t want, then this course is for you.


“The relaxation sessions which included The Balance Procedure really benefitted the students by allowing them to be in a place where they could learn more effectively and be in tune with their minds. The students really engaged with the sessions which held their attention and kept them calm yet focussed.”– Hervi Lalli, Learning Mentor at Ormiston Sandwell Community Academy, UK


Start transforming your life today for a special offer price of £67.

You can benefit from paying in affordable weekly instalments over the course of a month where you will receive the following:

  • Immediate access to the first 2 modules during the first week
  • A further 3 modules which will be delivered as one module a week for the next 3 weeks
  • Video demonstrations which include an interview with Jenny Cox, Author and creator of TBP
  • The TBP Symbols book and cards physical copy
  • A group video call where you can ask about any aspect of the course and share your experiences
  • Ongoing support from myself via Facebook and emails
  • A dedicated Facebook group where you will benefit from sharing with others doing the course
  • Free E-book on The Balance Procedure by Author and creator of TBP, Jenny Cox
  • The option of joining Author and Creator of TBP, Jenny Cox’s Balance Procedure Facebook group where you will receive further support as part of a growing international community
  • Free Relaxation audio to listen to in MP3 format

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