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The Balance Procedure For Holistic Therapists and Holistic Centres

Workshops in The Balance Procedure to supplement existing therapies and gain CPD.

Would you like to supplement your existing skills as a Holistic Therapist or Wellbeing Practitioner and gain CPD points towards your professional development?

Would you like to be able to offer a new Energy/Relaxation technique to your clients which can be used alongside your existing therapies/skills or on it’s own?

The Level 1 and 2 Balance Procedure Training offers a cost effective way of learning a simple and powerful Energy/Relaxation technique for your personal development and for using with your clients.

What is The Balance Procedure?

The Balance Procedure can be used to regain balance in any area of your life whether that is relationships, work, health or anything else. TBP is an energy/relaxation technique which balances our body’s energy system using the breath/life force and the heart energy with intention through 9 universal symbol cards.

What are the benefits of using TBP daily?

  • TBP is a simple relaxation technique which enables you to think more clearly.
  • TBP gives you a way to influence your emotions to create the experiences you want.
  • TBP Identifies patterns or beliefs that may be holding you back and transforms these without having to revisit past traumas
  • TBP balances and calms your body’s energy system.

What will I learn in a TBP Level 1 workshop?

After completing Level 1 you will be able to use TBP on yourself, family and friends. The following aspects will be covered:

  • Your body’s energy system (for the benefit of those who are new to energy techniques).
  • Why the heart centre is used in TBP
  • An introduction to the TBP enhancer cards
  • How TBP can be used to transform personal issues/life situations
  • How you can influence your emotions to create the experiences you want.
  • Why the relaxation response unlocks more of the unused potential of the subconscious mind.

Why do the Level 2 TBP Training?

Individuals who do the Level 2 TBP Training do so either because they have completed Level 1 and want more in depth knowledge of TBP without necessarily becoming a Practitioner, or because they are a Therapist/Wellbeing Practitioner and want to supplement their existing skills, gain CPPD points and become a Practitioner. Either way, Level 2 gives you the choice to use TBP for further self development or to become a Practitioner.

Should you choose to become an Energy Practitioner in The Balance Procedure, you will be asked to submit 3 case studies for certification from Jenny Cox, Trainer and Creator of TBP. You can then use TBP with your clients and market yourself as an Energy Practitioner in TBP.

What will be covered in the Level 2 TBP Training?

  • Understanding the Law of Attraction and how it is always working.
  • Using TBP in a client consultation, whether in person or via telephone or skype.
  • Understanding the Language of the Universe with TBP symbol cards each representing a geometric symbol, affirmation, colour, number, zodiac, gemstone, element, planet,, chakra, and physical aspect and how when all is Balanced, it is the key to the unconscious mind.
  • You will have the opportunity to practice TBP in a client session, TBP groups and TBP by telephone and to ask any questions throughout the training.

To complete Practitioners training further evidence is required in the form of 3 case studies. Final Certification from Jenny Cox is £50 where your case studies will be assessed and a Certificate awarded on satisfactory completion).
Do you run a Holistic/Wellbeing Centre and want to offer the TBP Training to your Therapists/Practitioners?

If you run a Holistic/Wellbeing Centre and have a group of Therapists/Practitioners who you would like to be able to offer the training in The Balance Procedure to at your Centre, then this service is provided.

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