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Relaxation and Stress Management for Staff and Students

Relax KidsStress management in schools to improve teaching and learning for staff & students,  and effectiveness in Business organisations.

Services are provided for both staff and students in schools as follows:

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Chill Skills sessions for students

Chill Skills sessions are a wonderful way to introduce relaxation, confidence building and personal development skills to students. Emotional literacy skills provide a solid foundation for successful learning to take place. Narinder Moore has taught in schools for the past 13 years and integrates her teaching experience with her training in Emotional Literacy/Relaxation skills to provide these foundations for students. Narinder has trained with ‘Relax Kids’ who are the leading provider of Children’s Relaxation services and products in the UK.

What do Chill Skills sessions involve?

Chill Skills sessions introduce relaxation and confidence building skills in a fun and creative way, using a variety of different techniques which enable students to be in the best frame of mind to achieve what they want. These include movement and music, games, stretching and breathing techniques, positive self talk and visualisation. Narinder is also a Trainer in a relaxation/energy technique called The Balance Procedure which she integrates into her sessions with kids/teenagers.

Benefits of Chill Skills to students:

  • Enable students to be more receptive to learning
  • Improve Emotional Intelligence, self esteem and confidence
  • Assist behaviour management and concentration
  • Give young people techniques to manage their own stress and anxiety

Feedback from schools

Here is some feedback from a series of Chill Skills sessions delivered at The Wordsley School, Dudley LEA:

“I really loved the relaxation session because it was fun and it makes my brain work.”

Year 7 student.


“Just wanted to say how much my Year 7 group enjoyed their relaxation session. Many of them lack confidence and I feel they really benefitted from the experience. They are still asking me when they can do it all again.”

Cheryl Lawrie (SENCO at The Wordsley School: Dudley LEA)

Here is what the Pastoral Head at Highclare School, Birmingham, had to say after a relaxation session delivered to Year 7 students at the school:

“It could be a lesson that affects them for the rest of their lives.”

Angela Moore.

Resources for Schools

Narinder Moore has also produced a Relaxation CD for kids/teenagers which can be used by teachers and other staff to create a calm atmosphere in the classroom or to use in the lead up to exams and other events where students may experience performance anxiety or simply need a boost of confidence. Schools can also find Relax Kids product/CDs which can be obtained through the ‘Products’ page of this website.

Download Chill Skills For Kids Flyer

Services for Staff in Schools

As a Trainer and Practitioner in a Relaxation/Energy technique called The Balance Procedure (TBP), Narinder Moore also runs Training courses for adults. The Balance Procedure is a simple self help relaxation technique that staff in schools can use on themselves to maximise their potential in the classroom/school. These one day courses are ideal for delivering as part of INSET days or as part of a series of shorter sessions delivered over several days after school in twilight sessions.

What are the benefits to school staff of using The Balance Procedure?

  • We use a much smaller percentage of our subconscious mind when we are in the stress response. By relaxing and calming our energy system we unlock the largely unused potential of the subconscious mind.
  • The relaxation response that TBP triggers enables creativity to flow, stimulates the ability to learn, develops our intuition and opens us up to receiving new ideas and ways of thinking and behaving.
  • TBP is a simple relaxation technique which enables you to think more clearly.
  • TBP gives you a way to influence your emotions to create the experiences you want.
  • TBP Identifies patterns or beliefs that may be holding you back and transforms these without having to revisit past traumas
  • TBP balances and calms your body’s energy system.
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