Relaxation Techniques and Emotional Balance


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Stress Management For Businesses and Organisations

Book a Balance Procedure workshop as part of your approach to stress management and staff wellbeing. As a Trainer in a Relaxation/Energy technique called The Balance Procedure, Narinder Moore can deliver training courses for staff in your business or organisation. The Balance Procedure is a simple self help relaxation technique that anyone can use on themselves to maximise their potential and deal with stress.

What is The Balance Procedure (TBP)?

The Balance Procedure can be used to regain balance in any area of your life whether that is work, health, relationships or anything else. TBP is an energy/relaxation technique which balances our body’s energy system using the breath/life force, the power of intention and the sway test using 9 universal symbol cards on the Thymus point.

Why is the thymus/heart centre significant in TBP?

The heart has the strongest electrical and magnetic field which is 5000 times more powerful than that of the brain. The Thymus is also the centre of Immunity. The field of Behavioural Kinesiology discovered that the thymus gland monitors and regulates energy flow in the meridian system.

What are the positive effects when you relax and calm your energy system?

We use a much smaller percentage of our subconscious mind when we are in the stress response. By relaxing and calming our energy system we unlock the largely unused potential of the subconscious mind. The relaxation response that TBP triggers enables creativity to flow, stimulates the ability to learn, develops our intuition and opens us up to receiving new ideas and ways of thinking and behaving.

What are the benefits of TBP to staff in your organisation?

  • TBP is a simple relaxation technique which enables you to think more clearly.
  • TBP gives you a way to influence your emotions to create the experiences you want.
  • TBP Identifies patterns or beliefs that may be holding you back and transforms these without having to revisit past traumas
  • TBP balances and calms your body’s energy system.
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