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Frequently Asked Questions

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Can The Balance Procedure be used for any issue?

Yes. The Balance Procedure can be used with any issue in any area of your life. You may be clear about what you want in your life but not be aware of what subconscious limiting beliefs are holding you back. Although you may be taking the action steps you feel are necessary to move forward with what you want, it is only when your thoughts, feelings and actions are all moving in the same direction that you can make progress. The Balance Procedure is a simple and quick way to check this and balance up anything that may be holding you back.

How do I decide whether to learn The Balance Procedure by coming along to a workshop or by having a personal one to one consultation?

Both the workshops and the one to one consultations have their place for different reasons. The Level 1 and 2 Balance Procedure workshops give you the benefit of spending the whole day learning The Balance Procedure in more depth in a supportive group environment. Here you will learn much from using The Balance Procedure with others and get feedback from the group/pairs as well as myself. You will be able to use The Balance Procedure with different areas of your life as the day progresses.

One to one consultations – If you have a specific area of your life that you would like to focus on using The Balance Procedure with the benefits of the individual attention that a one to one consultation provides, then you can book a personal The Balance Procedure consultation. You will have half an hour with myself where I will have the chance to find out more about you and any specific areas of your life you would like to move forward with using The Balance Procedure. We will work with this during the session and you will go away and put this into practice over the next 9 days or so. I will then arrange a follow up via email to see how you are getting on. You can have a personal consultation before or after taking part in a Level 1 and Level 2 workshop. You may also decide that a personal consultation on it’s own is enough for you at the time.

How do I book and pay for a Balance Procedure workshop or personal consultation?

For The Balance Procedure workshops you can get in touch with me via email or phone and I will email you a booking form to fill in with your contact details. You can then either email this back to me if you prefer to pay by Direct Bank Transfer (for which you can request details), or you can post the form back to me with a cheque enclosed. To secure your place on a workshop requires booking and payment in advance as I will be preparing materials for each individual in advance which requires knowing numbers. You may also book a The Balance Procedure workshop via the booking system on this website.

For personal consultations you may book via phone or email or via the booking system on this website. You may pay for consultations on the day or in advance. Whether paying on the day or in advance a deposit which is 50% of the total is payable in advance for consultations in case of cancellation. Should you cancel without 24 hours notice the deposit is non-refundable. (emergency cases looked at on discretion). If you have paid for a consultation in full in advance and then cancel without giving 24 hours notice, 50% of the payment will be non-refundable to allow for time that could have been used for other clients. Thank you for your understanding.

How does an organisation, school or business book The Balance Procedure workshops for their staff?

You may book a workshop for your staff as part of your approach to stress management/relaxation, boosting morale and increasing effectiveness. You may book in the same way as individuals either via phone or email. We will have an initial chat about your requirements, any queries you may have and how many people will be taking part before discussing costs involved.

How does a school book Chill Skills sessions for the students at their school?

After you get in touch we will discuss what the sessions involve and any queries you may have. Once you are happy to go ahead we will discuss numbers involved, time available and cost and then arrange a date to come and deliver the session or sessions. The sessions can be booked as a series of sessions or a one off either after school, as part of a special school week/month, as part of exam preparation or integrated into PSHE lessons/enrichment days.

What are the benefits of having Chill Skills sessions for students at my school?
  • Enables young people to be more open and receptive to learning
  • Assists behaviour management and concentration
  • Improves Emotional Intelligence, confidence and self esteem
  • Gives young people the tools and techniques to manage their own stress and anxiety.
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