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Letting go and having faith in the future

A symbol of letting go

A symbol of letting go

The past few days for me have been about letting go of things I no longer need in a physical sense but also in an emotional and energetic way. I felt the urge to have a clear out of old books and CDs to begin with as some of us may be doing at this time of year in the lull between the end of Christmas and the start of the New Year. So what is significant about all this you may be asking?

This week I have seen at least 3 things breaking and you may well think I am going through a clumsy phase but it’s making me look at what this symbolises for me as I am looking at the world in a more symbolic way since becoming a Trainer in an energy/relaxation technique called The Balance Procedure. First I broke a mug which I bought when I moved into my home. Next, through no fault of my own but due to gale force winds, I discover that one of my garden ornaments has fallen over and broken. The ornament as you see in the picture was in the shape of a number 8, showing a man and woman embracing. I had felt upset that something I had bought and perceived as beautiful, had broken.

In the days leading up to the broken garden ornament I had been feeling really emotional and was balancing on the card in The Balance Procedure which was all about letting go, the Magenta Pentagon. This is also about ‘The Art of Transformation.’ This card can be used when letting go of old thought patterns or old memories or when you need to change your daily or weekly routines. It symbolises having faith in the future and trusting your intuition. It also happened to be the card with the number 8 on there.

The next day I had an ‘Aha’ moment which came to me while I was cooking in my kitchen. The broken ornament was symbolic of me letting go and our physical world reflects what is going on with us internally with our thoughts and emotions. The card I was balancing with also had the number 8 on there. The broken ornament in the shape of the number 8 became the physical manifestation of me letting go. Tears flowed as I experienced this realisation. I then reminded myself by writing in my journal that everything has a natural cycle and nothing is forever. It’s about knowing when things no longer serve us and then letting them go from a place of love and gratitude for the lessons they have taught us.

As we let go we also make space for the new to come in. For me one of the new things in my life in 2014 will involve launching a new way to learn The Balance Procedure online. You may wonder what the third thing was that I broke. It was a photo frame which had a photo of someone I hold dear and someone who I had been visualising during my balancing on the Magenta Pentagon so that I could let go of old patterns that had come up with this person and create a happy and balanced relationship.

Wishing you a 2014 full of peace, love, abundance and bringing in the new.
With Love, Gratitude and best wishes
Narinder Moore XxX

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