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About Narinder Moore

After completing my Teacher Training in 1999, I had the opportunity to teach at a variety of different schools in Birmingham including a reputable private school, a grammar school and mixed comprehensives.

My Challenges

While dealing with the challenges of working in a failing school in my very first teaching role, I felt close to breaking point and knew that something had to change. We all have our personal challenges and another one of mine was dealing with two members of my family who were very ill, one of them physically and the other one mentally. I felt overwhelmed with feeling responsible for everyone and dealing with an ever increasing teaching workload as well.

The Turning Point

My interest in personal development and Holistic Therapies started fairly early on in my adult life before I decided to train in this field. My search for a way forward through my challenges led me eventually to train in a number of Holistic Therapies from 2004 onwards. After my training I worked from a Natural Health Practice in Birmingham where I provided clients with services which included Reflexology, Reiki and Aromatherapy.

Changing My Reality

In 2010 I trained in an energy/relaxation technique called The Balance Procedure (TBP) after feeling inspired by Author and Trainer Jenny Cox who had successfully shared TBP in schools, with individuals and with many other organisations. Prior to this I kept hearing and reading about this idea that we are responsible for everything that shows up in our life. This hadn’t quite clicked into place until I started working with The Balance Procedure. Since then I have watched my relationships transform, long term illness shift quicker than would normally be expected, new opportunities open up and expand my horizons. I no longer feel like a ‘victim’ of circumstances and feel empowered to change the way I see things and my reality as well as feeling passionate about sharing TBP with others.

Starting Young

In 2011 I trained with the company Relax Kids so that I could bring relaxation and confidence building skills to the kids/teenagers I worked with in schools in a fun and creative way. I feel excited that this is now available to kids/teens and that, unlike me, they don’t have to wait until they are adults to learn how to turn things around for themselves and can feel empowered enough to start young.

My Interests

When I am not working I love singing, reading, yoga, going for country walks and anything that gets me focussing on the now.

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